Vacuums, mops and dries in one go

Visible wet cleaning for hard floors

3-in-1: vacuums, mops & dries

Triple-Acceleration Technology

Visible wet cleaning

All hard floors


Advanced cleaning performance for perfect results

- Vacuums: powerful Aqua Cyclone pulls and removes all spills, dirt and dust - Mops: counter-rotating microfiber brushes apply a mist of clean water to efficiently lift dirt and grime. All dirt is dissolved in water and captured in a separate tank. - Dries: brush rotation speed creates airflow that leaves the floor virtually dry


Removes up to 99% of bacteria*** and reduces allergens

AquaTrio Pro removes up to 99% of all bacteria*** and reduces allergens. Because of the separation of a clean and dirty water tank all dust and allergens will be trapped in the dirty water tank.


Effective with cold/warm tap water, with/without detergent

AquaTrio Pro gives excellent results using just cold or warm tap water. If required, you can also add detergent of your choice but use always a low-foaming or non-foaming floor cleaning detergent which is suitable for your hard floor.